The Clinic

When you get in touch with us we will offer you a free, short consultation that is designed to identify whether a trichologist is most suitable for the problem you are having. If we feel we can help, you can then book an appointment for a One-hour consultation at a truly affordable rate.

You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire prior to your visit, which will enable us to make the best time for the appointment.


Assessing your condition

Through the consultation process, we will ask you questions regarding your condition, how long you have been experiencing it plus any other associated signs or symptoms. We will also need to ask questions about your medical history and whether you are currently taking any medication. We will assess your diet and nutrition intake and examine your blood for deficiencies. Generally, we will develop an overview of your health in order to present an accurate diagnosis.


Planning our treatment

Once your condition is diagnosed we will offer you our expert advice in how to best treat the condition, if and when you should re-visit us for a follow-up or In some cases, we may refer you to another medical professional according to your needs.

If we feel you would benefit from topical treatment, this would come with an additional cost but there is no obligation to purchase.


Blood Analysis

Understanding your blood test results gives us a deeper understanding of hair loss and scalp conditions

The results of your blood tests are valuable to offer a deeper understanding of the health and quality of your hair and scalp. This is because all of the nutrients your hair follicles and scalp need are delivered by your bloodstream.

We can read your blood test results in relation to hair generation, before offering advice on how to improve the health and density of your hair.

Following this, we can discuss how to optimize your blood work with healthy approaches to help your hair density, hair growth capacity, and scalp health.

We analyse blood readings in relation to the hair and scalp, and explain the important difference between ‘normal’ and ‘optimal’ blood test results to enable us to give guidance on how to improve the blood numbers and the thickness and density of your hair.


Your hair follicle is fed directly by the oxygen and nutrients from your blood. With this in mind we will explain how your individual blood affects the growth of your hair and the health of your scalp and these  can be linked to different forms of hair loss.


Scalp Treatment

If you feel you have a problem with your scalp, its important to get an accurate diagnosis so you receive the correct treatment. Differing scalp irritations have differing treatment requirements

We diagnose and assist in treating a range of scalp conditions, these include:

  • Pityriasis Capitis
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • Atopic Eczema
  • Scalp Dermititis
  • Scalp pustles
  • Tinea Capitis
  • Psoriosis
  • Folliculitis Decalvans
  •  Scaring Alopecia